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 About Us

We have combined our creativity and lifelong passion for sewing/embroidery.  In June of 2003 our embroidery design company, Sisters In Stitches, was born. 

 Yes, we are sisters and are always in-stitches in more ways than one.  Having spent the last 30+ years raising our families and sharing our love of sewing long distance, there has always been a dream.  To live closer to each other and take our sewing ideas to a higher level.  That time has finally arrived!

 Our company goal is to expand the world of embroidery by creating complete sewing patterns within the designs, revisiting vintage projects using today’s technology and produce other designs and crafts that are “not quite traditional”.  With the tools and technology of today, mixed with imagination, the possibilities are endless. Check back regularly to our website to see what we are up to.

Share in our dream and enjoy this simplified journey to embroidery doll clothes and ageless crafts. 


Anne                                                                Edna

I moved from Montana to the Oregon beach in 2003.  What a change!  I love it!

While raising my four children these past 30 years, I found many outlets for my sewing, quilting and crafting abilities.  The kid’s designer clothes were “designed” by mom.   My two daughters spent

I have lived in the Northwest for the past 25 years and recently moved to the Oregon Coast and have worked in the sewing and embroidery industry for the past 20+ years in various capacities.  For 12+ years, I was a freelance educator for a top brand sewing machine company, traveling nationally - teaching seminars,
many hours just hanging out with me watching me sew.  My love of sewing and creating continues through them.
Costume designing for the “New Life Players Theatre Company” and other local theatre groups was both challenging and rewarding, it was a lot of fun.  Proms, weddings and alterations for private clients kept me connected to my sewing machine when I wasn't "working" at my real job.  Teaching classes for children, young moms and grandmothers has been my personal favorite way of sharing my sewing passion with others. 
working trade shows,  writing articles and creating projects for company publications.  

Growing up, there was always a sewing machine in the living room.  And my mom telling me that anything is possible, the instructions and patterns are only guidelines.  (Thanks, mom!)  That legacy is being passed down to my daughter, who grew up teething on bobbins.  The sewing studio rule is “If I am the designer and I like it – Its Right!”  Being able to work in an industry that is your passion is a gift.  That gift is greater because I now share it with my sister Anne.


One more thing about us --- we both like the color purple!