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Way cute outfits shared from customers.  Thanks!

Thanks for sharing, Olesia!

Thanks for sharing, Sue F!



  Use lightweight denim and fringing the edges for a more casual and fun look.  Celebrate the holidays in denim!  The purse is a design from "Crocheted Crudities" from Cindy Losekamp

Regis in New York - Nov 03
I'm attaching a photo of the dress I made for my niece's doll using your 18" download.  Thank you.  It is beautiful!!!

Mary Ann    December 2004

Hello Ladies
I read about your web site in the Embroidery Journal.  Decided that I would try and make a dress for one of my 7 yr old (soon to be 8 yr old) twin Grand Daughters.  And now of course I have to do another one!!  LOL!   But they are the only way to sew doll clothes.  What a great idea.  Thank you ever so much.  I hope you come up with some more ideas to expand the "doll wardrobe"  - such as nightgowns - hat and coat - shoes etc.  The requests from my 7 yr old (soon to be 8) "Customers" keep coming in!  You can see by the state of the doll's hair that she has and still is a well used doll!!
 Thanks again for your design - it really was a lot of fun to sew it and so easy to put together.  Making doll clothes was never so easy!
Cathy from Ireland
  Wedding Dress Memory  - Sandie Dec 03
My cousin was married in 1949.  Last year, she gave me her wedding dress telling me that it was a big deal because the fabric was imported from Paris and that a family friend had special ordered the fabric and made her the dress.  I used your program (11˝" Fashion Doll Dresses and Gowns Embroidery CD) and made a bodice top and skirt without embroidery details since the fabric is lacy and wouldn’t lend itself to  embroidery.  I also made the floppy hat and used a piece of the original veil on it too.  It’s pretty cute and I hope my cousin is overwhelmed with it.  Obviously, she’s in her 70’s now.  Oh, I also made a very small parchment which is in Barbie's hands.     
*** There is an enlargement of the parchment attached to picture.  Click on the picture to enlarge and see details.

 Update:  I asked Sandie to let me know the response when she gave her cousin the gift.  12-15-03 we received the following:

Hi Edna;
I gave the doll to my cousin today and her hands started to shake and then she was crying.  She said it just blew her away!  I took a copy of your website over for her to see too since she's computer illiterate, so she immediately called her daughter to look at the website!  And, when her daughter saw it, she exclaimed "Oh My God!".  So, I guess you can say it was a big hit.   Betty is going to look for a glass dome with doll stand to try to preserve the dress.  I was a little worried about the arm sleeves, but she didn't care, she loved them.  She didn't even mind that I had dolled up the dress and hat from the original.  I am sure the phone is still busy as she tells all her friends about this.
 I think I will order the pants cd from you too after Christmas, my granddaughter would love those.
Merry Christmas!

June 2004

I was checking out my latest issue of Embroidery Journal and saw the layout for the doll clothes. 
I have a doll, Susie, that is over 50 years old.  She is one of the only things I have from my childhood.  Susie has not been dressed for many years.  Several years ago, I had her cleaned up, new wig, shoes, socks, etc., and there she stayed, undressed.  I had in mind to someday make a dress for her.  Well, when I looked at your featured doll, I thought how much she looked like Susie, so I decided to give your darling pattern a try.  It worked perfectly and she is now very fashionable in her new dress.  I’ve attached a photo of her.  I want to thank you ladies so much.  Now I can display my Susie!

Thanks again,